Giving as you earn is a simple way to support vulnerable children in Africa and Asia

How it works

Payroll donations are taken from pay after National Insurance but before tax. Your donation is taken from your gross pay before tax, costing you less and making your donation go further.

What that means

For example, a donation of £10 a month would actually cost you £8 from your take-home pay (if you pay 20% tax) or £6 (if you pay 40% tax).

Double your donation

Some employers also offer to match your donation each month. This is a great way of doubling what you give to ChildHope and it’s a benefit you can only get from payroll giving. If your company offers matching, it makes sense to sign up, so we can do twice as much with your donation.

What happens next

Once you’ve completed the form below, Share The Caring Payroll Giving will contact your employer to set up your regular donation without you needing to do anything more.

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