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Every organisation that works with children, young people, and vulnerable adults has a duty of care to ensure no harm comes to them. We provide a range of protection and safeguarding consultancy and training services. Our safeguarding services support organisations to develop, strengthen, and implement safeguarding measures, and to identify the risks that programmes and operations are exposed to. 

We deliver international safeguarding with our local partners. Working with our local partners, we provide safeguarding that is based on local contexts and lived realities and strengthens local organisations. 

Our safeguarding services are delivered within the South2South safeguarding network.

Our Safeguarding Services 

Safeguarding Policies & Procedures

We develop safeguarding strategies, policies and guidelines that are tailored to your specific area of work and are relevant to the local cultural and social context. Areas of focus include child safeguarding in a digital age, in emergencies and the ethical use of a child’s data in research and data collection activities. Our policy recommendations are based on our collective experience of delivering programmes and consider gender and disability inclusion. We also establish monitoring and evaluation guidelines to ensure that the policies stay fit for purpose.

Organisational Safeguarding Audit 

Together with organisations, we review systems and processes and undertake contextual analysis and risk assessments of new work areas and locations to determine whether current safeguarding measures are effective. We review HR, child protection and safeguarding policies and ensure they are assessed through the lens of international best practice. We take into consideration the nature of your work, the regional context and a country’s official child protection systems.

Training, Coaching & Mentoring

We help to embed policies and practice by delivering child safeguarding training, direct to your teams or through a train the-trainer model. Our training can be adapted to boards, senior management teams or those working directly with communities. The training blends practical experience of the local context with knowledge of international safeguarding standards. We can provide ongoing advice and guidance as organisations and businesses implement their safeguarding practices.

Strengthening Ethical Business Policies 

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) set out a business’s responsibility for upholding human rights. The Children’s Rights and Business Principles provide practical guidance for businesses on supporting children’s rights. We can support the private sector to translate these guidelines into practical, accessible business policies to ensure that their business is doing no harm.

Tailor-made Safeguarding Solutions 

We are able to develop tailored support for other organisations that comes from an understanding of what it’s really like to try to implement good child protection and safeguarding practice in those countries. Every organisation has different needs. Once we understand your organisation and goals, we can create custom solutions and training programmes that will suit your organsation best.

Children's Participation in Safe Programming

Experience has shown us that when we put children at the centre of the planning process and enable them to have a meaningful role in creating the programmes that effect their lives, the results are stronger. We help organisations to work out how children can participate in developing, implementing and monitoring protection and safeguarding policies and practice.

Case studies 

“This demonstrates the value of ChildHope’s steerage and input – that a leading authority on safeguarding and protection has recognised our work." - ​Steve Crump Founder of DeafKidz International:

Steve Crump is the founder of DeafKidz International: a charity dedicated to improving the safety of deaf children around the world. Here, Steve describes how ChildHope has helped DeafKidz develop robust safeguarding and protection content.

DeafKidz is different. We are not hearing people doing the work, as is often the case. We are deaf-led and we get things done. Five years on from an idea at a kitchen table, we’ve grown to be the global leader for the safeguarding and protection of deaf children. When we set up DeafKidz, we wanted to be 100% sure about how we managed abuse, disclosure and more. We referenced existing safeguarding and child protection policies and approaches and then started developing our own. Our aim was to set the benchmark for best practice within deaf settings. And to absolutely ensure this, we sought to get the best possible peer review we could. That’s when we approached ChildHope.

In 2018, we asked them to review our developing safeguarding framework. We wanted to ensure that it would survive scrutiny by other practitioners and the global health, development and humanitarian community. The process was challenging, because we had to justify and rationalise our thinking. But it was also empowering, because it made us realise that we knew quite a lot already, and often it was just about how we presented things.

Working through referral pathways with ChildHope was particularly helpful. Disclosure happens – what do you do? You’ve got a set of principles to follow: don’t judge, reassure, move to a safe setting, get a witness in, take the information down. Then what? You alert the other requisite practitioners: clinical and social welfare and so on. But safeguarding procedures have to survive real life taking over. ChildHope has a lot of experience of this that they were able to share with us.

In a deaf setting, that could mean not being able to find an interpreter who understands the language and semantics of abuse. How do we deal with that? The information has to be right. We can’t afford to get it wrong because of the risk of falsely accusing somebody of an act, or misrepresenting what the child has told us. There is a whole host of issues that we are seeking to address.

ChildHope has helped us to develop specific, dedicated core content around the safeguarding and protection of deaf children. We plan to cascade this through our partners Islamic Relief, the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children, and the World Federation of the Deaf – the UN agency for deaf people, which represents the interests of 70 million deaf people worldwide. Over 10 thousand Child Helpline International counsellors will have access to our content, helping them to respond to the safeguarding and protection needs of deaf children.

We’ve shared our content with other experts in safeguarding and protection and it has stood up to their scrutiny. In fact, we’ve had praise for it from ISPCAN (the International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty and Neglect of Children). This demonstrates the value of ChildHope’s steerage and input – that a leading authority on safeguarding and protection has recognised our work.

I’d recommend ChildHope without hesitation. They are non-judgemental, calm, measured, informed, flexible and experienced.

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