ChildHope Child Protection Toolkit

Children and Young People's Participation Toolkit

This manual is designed to support organisations to promote children and young people’s participation and inclusion in project planning, implementation and evaluation.

ChildHope Fundraising Toolkit

Your support can make a huge difference and at ChildHope we want to provide you with all the support we can. That’s why we’ve put together this fundraising pack brimming with useful ideas to get you started!

ChildHope Fundraising Guidelines

Guidelines, rules and legal advice for raising money in aid of ChildHope.

Child Protection

Child Protection - Spanish version

Child Protection Toolkit – Spanish

Child Protection - French version


Stage 1 – Introducing Child Protection

Stage 2 – The Necessary Foundations

Stage 3 – Developing A Child Protection Policy

Stage 4 – Implementing Child Protection Policies

Stage 5 – Dealing With Obstacles and Challenges

Stage 6 – Monitoring and Evaluating Child Protection Policies

Annexe 1 (Appendix 1-15)

Annexe 2 (Appendix 16-30)

Child Protection Arabic version

Child Protection Toolkit – Arabic

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