Tukaram's Story

Tukaram is 13 years old and lives with his grandfather. His father is no longer in contact and his mother has remarried. His grandfather did not have enough money to send Tukaram to school, so he left when he was 11 and instead helped his grandfather with household tasks. The project team visited and talked about the importance of education with Tukaram and his grandfather and convinced them to re-enroll Tukaram. Tukaram’s confidence has been slowly growing since then. He is regularly attending school and plans to continue his studies into the future. Ultimately Tukaram wants to become a social worker. Our partner in Nepal, Shakti Samuha, focuses on encouraging children to continue with education and re-enrolling dropouts. Their value has not gone unnoticed, with the school in Tukaram’s area giving a letter to the project team referring and recommending names of other students who have dropped out and seeking the project team’s assistance to encourage them to return to school.

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