“The CHADET project has done a lot for me. My mother died and my father is working hard to support me. I didn’t have enough exercise books to attend my classes. Now I have enough books and I also get tutorial support. I am also benefiting from the sanitary pads in sanitary corners and the Girls’ Club."

"Boys’ attitudes have changed. They used to kick us and mistreat us and say bad things to us in the street, and girls felt ashamed of themselves. Now they no longer do this. They have introduced a new approach in the classroom. They explain everything and they ask our opinions. They introduced cooperative learning - the one that has not understood, gets support from the one that has understood. I have seen this change in the classroom."

"I want to be a journalist. I want to give true information and balanced news to the people. I also want to support the elderly and the needy, and I want to support orphans like myself.”

Atsede's Father 

“My daughter lost her mother when she was five years old – her mother died of breast cancer. I had to support her working both in the house and outside. When I was working in a timber factory, a machine cut my fingers. That is why I don’t have a permanent job even now. I work as a guard."

"School items are really quite expensive these days. I couldn’t afford to buy them for my daughter. That is why I thank the organisation that is supporting my daughter."

"I see my daughter’s exercise book and her writing is good, her knowledge is good. She tells me that she is also getting a dictionary from the project. I feel thankful to God that she is getting a good education. I encourage her to study day and night."

"My daughter is growing up both morally and physically, because she is supported. I believe a teacher is a mother and a father for students."

"I would like an education. My daughter helps me to study in the evening – she supports me in my education because she has been taught more. I don’t think age is a factor for education."

"My daughter is very active and communicative. She is acting in a drama in the Girls’ Club – she plays the role of a person who has established a charity. Because she is motherless, my daughter’s dream is to get educated, come back and support other children who have lost their parents. I am very proud of her and I pray that God will fulfil our wishes."

"There have been lots of meetings and discussions in the community about the disadvantage of not educating a child and about early marriage. All in all, I think the community has accepted the importance of girls’ education. After all, how can one walk on a coarse road while there is a nice, smooth, soft road?”