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ChildHope has now closed having operated from 1989 to 2023. This section of the website serves as an archive.

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CHADET-Ethiopia works with some of the most marginalised children in Ethiopia. It's committed to improving the education and life chances for vulnerable children, focusing on girls and working and street connected children. CHADET-Ethiopia works with the families and communities of vulnerable children to support long term change. CHADET-Ethiopia works in education, livelihoods support and development, and capacity building. Established in 1995, CHADET-Ethiopia is a well-respected Ethiopian organisation.

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Voice of Children | Nepal

Voice of Children has been working with children living and working on the streets of Nepal since 2000. It raises awareness of child abuse and provides legal, social and psychological support to children and their families. Voice of Children works to prevent further increase in the number of street children by working with vulnerable families living in urban areas and slums. These families are offered support to improve their life skills to save their children from ending up on the street. Voice of Children is a partner in The South2South Safeguarding Consultancy Network

The South2South Network

Shakti Samuha | Nepal

Shakti Samuha is a Nepalese charity that supports female victims of human trafficking and works to ensure social justice for victims of human trafficking. It works with victims and those who are high risk through self-empowerment, advocacy, sensitisation and education, and organisation of women and girls in communities. It has five shelter homes for the trafficking survivors and the girls at the high risk of trafficking, provides educational support to children, legal support to survivors, and helps repatriate human trafficking survivors. Established in 2000, it is the world’s first organisation which has been established and run by the survivors of human trafficking.

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Kabukye Trust | Uganda

Kabukye Trust was founded in 2011 by educators from Kamuli district in Uganda to address the declining teaching standards in rural schools. It co-creates services and experiences with children who are affected by disability, sexual abuse, and barriers to education, to improve the lives of children and young people living in poor and vulnerable rural communities. The team has over 40 years’ experience in teacher training, disability, safeguarding and project management.

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Future Focus Foundation | Sierra Leone

Future Focus Foundation is a volunteer-led organisation working in rural communities across eastern Sierra Leone. Future Focus Foundation promote social justice and equal opportunities through awareness raising and livelihood programmes. All of its programmes are developed with the women and communities they work with. The majority of the volunteers are female. Future Focus Foundation runs a successful training centre in the community of Burma, Kerema which since 2013, has trained over 200 people in marketable trades. All past graduates are now employed or running their own businesses. Future Focus Foundation has been a ChildHope partner since 2013.

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Pendekezo Letu | Kenya

For over 20 years, Pendekezo Letu has been supporting street children and their families to escape extreme poverty and lead more fulfilling lives away from the streets and slums. They have developed a very successful rehabilitation programme that every year supports 100 girls to get away from the dumpsites and streets and into education. At the rehabilitation centre, the girls acquire the social and academic skills vital for successful reintegration and their parents and siblings receive support too, so that the whole family is strengthened. Pendekezo Letu also runs a justice programme for children who have been unlawfully imprisoned. It provides free legal representation in Nairobi’s Juvenile Court for children charged with criminal offences. Pendekezo Letu is a partner in The South2South Safeguarding Consultancy Network.

The South2South Network

Grambangla Unnayan Committee | Bangladesh

Grambangla Unnayan Committee works with the poorest communities in Bangladesh to eradicate poverty and injustice. It's work focuses on education, vocational training, and advocacy working with waste pickers, street connected children, and human trafficking victims. Grambangla Unnayan Committee raises awareness among communities about their rights to education, employment, and access basic entitlements, engaging them in policy discussions that affect them. It runs a school for waste picker children and the children of waste pickers, near the rubbish site which is easier to reach than the public school. Grambangla Unnayan Committee has been a partner of ChildHope since 2009 and is part of our Child Labour Action Research in South and South East Asia (CLARISSA) consortium.

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Butterflies | India

Butterflies has been working with working and street connected children since 1989. They support child participation and child-led led intervention, giving children a voice in decision-making and helping children lobby for their own rights. It's focus areas are education and vocational training, development of life skills, financial management and health. Butterflies also has a research, advocacy and training wing and is an active participant in national and international networks for advocating and promoting policies, programmes and actions to protect the rights of children. Butterflies is one of ChildHope's oldest partners.

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Glad's House | Kenya

Glad’s House works in Mombasa with children and young people up to 30 years old, who are deemed ‘too challenging’ by the rest of society. These include those living and working on the streets and on rubbish dumps and those in conflict with the law. Their goal is to ensure that children and young people will not be criminalised for being on the streets and that there will no longer be unlawful round-ups. Glad’s House was founded in 2006, by a group of Kenyan social workers, in response to the lack of services for the most vulnerable children. Glad's House is a partner in The South2South Safeguarding Consultancy Network

The South2South Network

Nagorik Uddayog | Bangladesh

Our local partner is Nagorik Uddyog, meaning Citizen’s Initiative. Since 1997, Nagorik Uddyog has been working to raise awareness of the rights of some of the most disadvantaged groups across Bangladesh. In 2006 they began working in the slum areas of Dhaka and have enabled women to demand better wages, develop their leadership skills, campaign against gender rights violations and access legal assistance, education and healthcare. Nagorik Uddyog asked ChildHope to help them build their expertise in working with children and young people. Our partnership began in 2009 with a focus on street working children and waste pickers. We began working together to support garment workers and their children in 2013.

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Elimu Mwangaza | Tanzania

Elimu Mwangaza is dedicated to ending child abuse and violence and to supporting vulnerable girls and boys' access quality education in Tanzania. It's aim is to raise awareness in the community, train children on their rights and responsibilities, and build the capacity of targeted primary schools and communities to address security, moral and discipline issues which affect children’s learning. It was established in 2014 and works in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, an area with particularly high incidences of violence against children. It has set up child rights clubs in primary schools so children have a forum for discussing issues of violence including sexual, physical, and emotional violence, and is also providing training for parents and other adults in the community. Elimu Mwangaza is a partner in our The South2South Safeguarding Consultancy Network.

The South2South Network

Institute of Social Reform and Action | The Gambia

The Institute of Social Reform and Action (ISRA) was founded in 1990 in The Gambia. TThe organisation is one of the few nongovernment organisations in the country working directly with children and young people in the traditional education system (Koranic schools or Majalis). ISRA has a strong track record, having worked with over 4000 children and young people in 50 Majalis across The Gambia. They run community and education programmes to advocate for equal access to quality education and protection for all children and young people, and meet the basic needs of the most marginalised.

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Street Child of Sierra Leone | Sierra Leone

Street Child of Sierra Leone works in education, child protection, and psychosocial support in every district of Sierra Leone. The organisation was founded during the 1990s, working with children directly affected by the country’s civil war including former child soldiers. Since 2008, it has been working with its international partners to expand its child protection and education projects for street children, to build livelihoods programmes, provide teacher training, and to improve the standard of education in remote rural areas of the country. In places with no access to school, Street Child of Sierra Leone works in partnership with participating rural communities to build ‘first ever schools’ and identify members of the community to undertake formal distance teacher training. Street Child of Sierra Leone is a partner in The South2South Safeguarding Consultancy Network

The South2South Network

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