Girls and boys were protected from violence and abuse


Children were provided with access to quality education


Children received improvements in their schools and communities for their health and well-being


Children were supported to participate in decision-making and inclusion


Current partnerships

​How we monitor our impact

  • Before starting a project, we conduct a needs analysis to establish the current situation and help us define what the targets will be.
  • We work with our local partners to devise the most effective ways to effectively monitor project impact.
  • Throughout a project, we talk to children, families, the wider community, other stakeholders and project staff, to make sure we are heading in the right direction.
  • Projects are evaluated by independent experts.
  • We have regular multi-partner learning events where we reflect more widely on what is working and use this to improve project design for the future.
  • We use the evidence from our projects to influence long-term change that goes beyond our partners and our projects.

Our Official Donors

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