Brighter Futures For All

Hear about the lasting impact our work had on the lives of children in Africa and Asia, as told by Melusu from Ethiopia, and Sadam and Rukhsar from Bangladesh. ChildHope has now closed having operated from 1989 to 2023. This section of the website serves as an archive.

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ChildHope fought for children's rights to a safe and secure childhood since 1989, built on a strong belief that the situation for children facing injustice and abuse does not have to be hopeless.

We believed that organisations established and led by people within their communities are best placed to achieve positive change with and for marginalised children.

Together with our local partner organisations in Africa and Asia, we worked directly with children, their families, communities and institutions at local, national and international levels to empower children and give them opportunities to determine their own futures.

Hear the impact our work has had on the children we work with, as told by Melusu from Ethiopia and Sadam and Rukhsar from Bangladesh. Their stories paint the picture of how extreme poverty and violence put millions of children at risk of exploitation and abuse globally. Our projects gave children an alternative chance at a future by providing them with education and training as well as building communities and strengthening families.