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Every organisation that works with children and vulnerable adults has a duty of care to ensure no harm comes to them. We provide a range of protection and safeguarding consultancy, training, and strength building services. Our services support organisations to develop, strengthen, and implement safeguarding measures, and to identify the risks that programmes and operations are exposed to. We work with organisations to strength child protection mechanisms and support child participation and child-led problem solving.

Based on our 30 years of experience working internationally with vulnerable children, we formed the The South2South Network with 6 of our local partners. The South2South Network is a new consultancy for child protection and safeguarding. ChildHope and our partners have long championed the need for child protection systems that make sense for the people implementing them, and the children benefitting from them. ChildHope’s consultancy work over recent years – supporting organisations to develop, strengthen and implement safeguarding measures – has further cemented in our minds that the best people to support those implementing programmes for the most marginalised children are those with their own experience of working with children in those settings.

Organisational Safeguarding Audit

Together with organisations, we review systems and processes and undertake contextual analysis and risk assessments of new work areas and locations to determine whether current safeguarding measures are effective. We review HR, child protection and safeguarding policies and ensure they are assessed through the ens of international best practice. We take into consideration the nature of your work, the regional context and a country’s official child protection systems.

Safeguarding Policies & Procedures

We develop safeguarding strategies, policies and guidelines that are tailored to your specific area of work and are relevant to the local cultural and social context. Areas of focus include child safeguarding in a digital age, in emergencies and the ethical use of a child’s data in research and data collection activities. Our policy recommendations are based on our collective experience of delivering programmes and consider gender and disability inclusion. We also establish monitoring and evaluation guidelines to ensure that the policies stay fit for purpose.

Training, Coaching & Mentoring

We help to embed policies and practice by delivering child safeguarding training, direct to your teams or through a train the-trainer model. Our training can be adapted to boards, senior management teams or those working directly with communities.The training blends practical experience of the local context with knowledge of international safeguarding standards. We can provide ongoing advice and guidance as organisations and businesses implement their safeguarding practices.

Children's Participation in Safe Programming

Experience has shown us that when we put children at the centreof the planning process and enable them to have a meaningfulrole in creating the programmes that effect their lives, the resultsare stronger. We help organisations to work out how children canparticipate in developing, implementing and monitoring protectionand safeguarding policies and practice.

Strengthening Ethical Business Policies

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) set out a business’s responsibility for upholding human rights.The Children’s Rights and Business Principles provide practical guidance for businesses on supporting children’s rights. Wecan support the private sector to translate these guidelines into practical, accessible business policies to ensure that their business is doing no harm.

Tailor-made Safeguarding Solutions

We are able to develop tailored support for other organisations that comes from an understanding of what it’s really like to try to implement good child protection and safeguarding practice in those countries. Every organisation has different needs. Once we understand your organisation and goals, we can create custom solutions and training programmes that will suit your organsation best. 

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio page tells you more about the businesses and organisations we have worked with.

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