We have no programme offices because we believe in building on local strengths, knowledge and capabilities to create high quality, enduring programmes. Our approach relies first and foremost on local partnerships.

Funding from individual major donors and trusts and foundations currently makes up less than 2% of our income. We would like to develop relationships with more philanthropists so that we can scale up our support to children around the world and the international development sector.

Our projects have demonstrated some of the best practice in supporting street and working children in the world. Research funded by the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative highlights our approach in Kenya as highly effective, with a 99% enrolment rate into formal education.

An investment in children’s futures

At ChildHope, we know that development can be a long process, so we commit to long-term partnerships to ensure that change comes from the community itself. Our long-term responses prioritise education and the protection of children to make their lives safer and their futures more secure.

The success of this approach has resulted in us becoming a trusted partner of some of the World’s most committed and innovative development donors, including the Department for International Development, Comic Relief and Big Lottery Fund.

Our expertise is based on nearly 30 years of practical experience.

Choosing where to work

We choose to work in countries where analysis shows that children’s lives – through a combination of poverty and other factors – are threatened by serious injustice and abuse. The Human Development Index (HDI) and other universal measures and research studies help us to make our choices.

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Monitoring our impact

We apply Theory of Change. We have strong project management capabilities and quality management through all our programmes. Our work is independently assessed to measure our progress alongside annual financial auditing.

We take the time to reflect more widely on what is working - and what isn’t - with our partners. In this way, we improve project design for the future and ensure we continue to respond to the changing needs of the children we support.

Sharing what works

When we find out what works, we aim to share this information as widely as possible, to help drive positive change for more children.

  • We use our programme evidence to lobby for long-term change through key networks.
  • We work with other charities to review and improve their child protection policies and practices.
  • We share best practice, discuss challenges and explore innovative approaches with academic institutions, international non-governmental organisations and donors.
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Join us

We have ambitious plans to scale up our work and reach more of the world’s most vulnerable children. To do this, we need to build meaningful and enduring relationships with more philanthropists.

Whether you are keen to expand your involvement in global multi-stakeholder initiatives, looking to provide general financial support or wishing to explore a project-based partnership to meet specific objectives, we can provide you with a range of opportunities to get involved.

Please get in touch with our philanthropy team to find out more about becoming a ChildHope supporter.

Contact Anamari Bishopp on 0203 559 6506 or email abishopp@childhope.org.uk


In their words

Hear from the children we support and the local partners we work with.


Child Labour Action Research in South and Southeast Asia Project

We are working in Bangladesh and Nepal to understand the key drivers of child labour.

This is a child-focused research project. Child identify challenges to child labour and develop projects to improve their lives. We're working with children to test these projects, to find solutions to child labour and give them more options to avoid exploitative work.

The CLARISSA project


Comic Relief
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Big Lottery Fund

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