Supernova Run 2021

Bournemouth, Falkirk, London
Fundraising Target: £150
2021-03-19 10:23:00
Cost for sign up: £16.5-£22

Join in on the 5K night run! Get out your fluro gear and anything that glows or flashes, then set off for a nighttime fun run.

Run through the streets of Bournemouth, Falkirk, or London in the dark with your team members. The is no time pressure, no stress at all - enjoy the run with your family and team mates.

Fundraising Materials

  • 364300 ChildHope Fundraising Guidelines - final.pdf
  • 364300 ChildHope sponsor form - final.pdf
  • 364300 ChildHope Fundraising Toolkit.pdf

Story Posters and Social Media tools

  • 353168 - ChildHope Bunting FINAL.pdf
  • ChildHope Story Poster 1.pdf
  • ChildHope Story Poster 2.pdf
  • ChildHope Story Poster 3.pdf

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