Back to School Appeal

Every child has the potential to create their future but for those living in the toughest circumstances, a combination of extreme poverty, a lack of opportunities and other barriers keep them out of school with little hope of change and the chance of a decent education.

We share a common vision with all our partners to give children a childhood and realise their full potential. That means, focusing on their protection, health and education.

Watch Meron’s story below to see how your money can make a difference for children just like her.

You can help support children like Meron by texting GIRL to 70085 to donate £20. You can also call 0800 254 5656 or donate below.

How your money can help

£10 can provide a girl in Ethiopia a games kit for school.

£25 can support a child in Kenya into primary school with a uniform, shoes and exercise books.

£50 can provide 20 children in India with textbooks, notebooks and pens.

£100 can provide a weeks lunch for a class of 35 children rescued from Bangladeshi dump sites.

£250 can buy new school bags for 50 Nepalese street children.

£500 can provide nine children in Kenya with education and life skills support to enable them to return to school.

Our Work in Education

All of our programmes have an educational component.

Our early years programmes boost children’s literacy and numeracy to enable them to transition from preschool to primary school. Day-centres and mobile schools provide inclusive, accessible and free primary and catch-up education to prepare children for mainstream school. We work with schools to improve their teaching standards and ensure they provide safe learning environments and we train parents in child rights and stress the importance of education.

Read about our work below and find out how your support can help children thrive in school.

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