ChildHope’s Strategic Framework 2021-2025

The world is going through a time of unprecedented change and disruption, affecting us all. We are dealing with threats and risks posed globally by climate change, world-wide pandemics like COVID-19 in 2020, and resulting economic uncertainty, as well as shifting political priorities within the UK and beyond.

The children we work with are likely to be amongst those most heavily and negatively impacted by these global and local shifts. Whatever strategic choices we make, they must be made with the best interests of those children front and centre.

Through carefully selected projects and alliances, we aim to make development programmes safer for children, increase children’s voices in decision making, and change donor approaches to funding mechanisms, encouraging increased investment in locally led organisations in Africa and Asia.

“ChildHope is committed to continuing our work with the most marginalised children and finding ways to make their voices heard. With our partner organisations in Africa and Asia, we are driving towards giving children and young people the hope they need to positively change their own futures and protect them from harm. Our 2021-2025 strategy explains how we plan to do that.”

Nicky Davies, Executive Director 

ChildHope’s Three Focus Areas for 2021 – 2025

​We want the children we work with to be in a strong position to actively influence positive change in their lives.

From 2021 – 2025:

  • We will strengthen the protection and safeguarding approaches in all our work, ensuring the voices of the children and adults we work with influence the design of the systems that should keep them safe.
  • Using innovative approaches, we will increase the involvement of children and young people in decision-making and programmes designed to improve their lives.
  • We will use international platforms - digital and ‘traditional’ - to share learning about what works and give children opportunities to speak for themselves and shape the development agenda.
From 2021 – 2025:

  • The South2South Safeguarding Network (S2S) will become a centre of excellence and learning, a movement with strong leadership from organisations in Africa and Asia.
  • Twelve new champions - leaders in Africa and Asia - will join this growing network of international safeguarding experts, reaching thousands more children.
  • ChildHope and partners will document the positive impact of locally led programmes and will use the evidence we have to influence decision makers to shift power and resources to locally led organisations in Africa and Asia.

​We want the expertise of locally led organisations in Africa and Asia to be recognised and valued by those with power and resources in the international development sector.

If last year can teach us anything it is that we live in a fast-changing world, where those already in vulnerable situations are most at risk of suffering the consequences and effects of those changes. We must, therefore, learn to adapt quickly to these changing needs and challenges and find relevant solutions and approaches to address them. The only way of achieving this is by working hand in hand with locally led organisations. They understand the local context and culture; they speak the language and have the trust, the ties, and the means to actively engage with the communities. The relationships we have built with our partners in Africa and Asia allow us to learn from each other and share our knowledge to strengthen safeguarding and protection of children, especially in times of unprecedented challenges.

Daniela Palou, Partnerships and Programmes Development Manager Programmes

South2South Safeguarding Network

Most protection and safeguarding consultancies are made up of ‘experts’ from high income countries. Training and support in this crucial area is too-often provided by people who do not live and work in the context that children are living, and whose understanding is limited. Flying long distances to deliver training also represents poor value for money and has a negative environmental impact. Meanwhile, there are many expert practitioners in Africa and Asia not being given the opportunity to share that expertise and make organisations in their own countries safer.

We currently works with six of our partners in Africa and Asia to address this imbalance through our S2S network of experts, who support organisations to become safer spaces for children and adults. The consultancy is also providing a source of earned income for S2S organisations. More needs to be done to increase investment in protection and safeguarding and to give full recognition and support to expert practitioners in Africa and Asia so that they can take the lead in developing a strong and sustainable safeguarding approach that is relevant to the countries they operate and live in. Our current priorities are to grow the network, bringing in more partners, including those that will help introduce new perspectives, learning and investment; to establish hubs in Africa and Asia, increasing the Southern leadership role in the network and broadening the base to promote the work locally.
Learn more about the network here:

​We will establish innovative ways to support highly marginalised children, through new partnerships and collaboration.

From 2021 – 2025:

  • We will develop at least one new major partnership building on our learning from the Girls’ Education Challenge Fund.
  • We will use our learning from the CLARISSA programme to influence positive change for children in the worst forms of child labour, building new programmes in Africa and Asia based on what works.
  • We will identify and co-create at least one innovative programme involving the private sector in addressing the needs of marginalised children.

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