ChildHope has now closed having operated from 1989 to 2023. This section of the website serves as an archive.

What was ChildHope's Vision

A world in which all children enjoy a life free from injustice and abuse.

What was ChildHope's Mission

To build on the strengths within children, families, communities and institutions so that children can grow up to become empowered citizens.

What were ChildHope's Values

We aimed to be trusted, transparent and accountable to children and adults, our partners, our supporters and our donors. Mutual respect for all children and adults, regardless of their situation, lay at the heart of our approach.

Our Approach

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Our Purpose

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Safeguarding Services

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Our Work

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Our Historical Timeline

  1. 1989


    ChildHope UK set up supported by UNICEF and Save The Children (Sweden)

  2. 1990


    Southern Africa Fund to aid street children in South Africa, Uganda, Malawi and Mozambique is obtained

  3. 1993


    ChildHope UK is a founding member of Consortium for Street Children (UK) and shifts focus to education

  4. 1998


    Relationship with Pendekezo Letu (PKL) in Nairobi, our longest continued partner, begins

  5. 2001


    Five new partnerships established: CHADET (Ethiopia), Sathsath (Nepal), Butterflies (India), Aparajeyo (Bangladesh) and Railway Children (India)

  6. 2003


    Refocused working relationships, strengthening the scope for partners to lead programmes

  7. 2005


    Ceased all work in Central and Eastern Europe

  8. 2007


    Coalition with eight NGOs to reduce violence against women and children is formed

  9. 2008


    Refocus goals to work with boys, girls and youth under 25 years

  10. 2009


    New partnership launched to improve the lives of Bangladeshi garment workers and their children

  11. 2010


    Prioritise educating families and teachers on Child Rights

  12. 2013


    Launch of a major new initiative to support over 16,000 Ethiopian girls through school, partnering with CHADET

  13. 2015


    Renewed commitment to work with extremely marginalized children as part of the Global Commitment to ‘Leave No-One Behind’

  14. 2016


    New strategic framework launched with a greater inclusion of children with disabilities

  15. 2017


    New ‘Lunch & Learn’ Seminar Series launched to strengthen child protection knowledge and practice for UK-based charities and agencies within the international development sector

  16. 2018


    Childhope UK continues to grow connections between Southern partners to extend its protection and safeguarding support and training to other agencies outside of the UK.

  17. 2021


    New strategic framework launched focusing on the most vulnerable and marginalised children with local partners in Africa and Asia

  18. 2022


    New Executive Director, Nicky Davies, joins ChildHope UK focusing on funding diversification and long-term strategic review.

  19. 2023


    One year process agreed to complete all six current funded programmes, build sustainability of partners and safeguarding South2South Network, and close ChildHope by end of 2023.