ChildHope's COVID-19 response

In response to the current COVID-19 virus situation, we have had to make changes at the ChildHope office and to how we work. We are closely following the advice of the government, making the required changes and doing the best we can. As the United Kingdom is in lock down, everyone in our London office is working from home. We remain in contact with all our staff, catching up daily to ensure everyone is supported and their wellbeing is looked after. Even though we are working remotely, we are available online to help with any queries. Please contact us via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

In this time of uncertainty we want to assure you that we will continue to support and work with our partners and projects. While we are unable to travel to other countries, we have been holding regular virtual meetings with partners, extending our support and monitoring the situation.

Our commitment to the safety and protection of children, families and communities remains as always our number one priority.

We believe every child has the right to a safe and secure childhood

Childhope launches steps to help end child labour in Bangladesh.

Why ChildHope exists 

ChildHope believes that children should enjoy a safe and secure childhood, but for those growing up in the toughest circumstances, these rights are denied. Born into extreme poverty and violence, they have no protection. Our work supports children who are considered the hardest to reach. These children may live and work on the street, be at risk of trafficking or child marriage, victims of abuse or sexual exploitation, working on rubbish dumps or in contact with the law. Children with disabilities are more likely to be stigmatised, abused, exploited or neglected.

We build the strengths that exist in children, families, local communities and institutions so that children can thrive and grow up to become empowered citizens.

Our current strategy commits to supporting 250,000 of these hardest to reach children by 2020.

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Our workPosted by ChildHope on Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Our impact in 2019

Our impact in 2019


Children protected from violence
Our impact in 2019


Current partnerships
Our impact in 2019


Children given access to formal education
Our impact in 2019


Children participating in decision-making and inclusion
Our impact in 2019


Children with improved health and well-being

Helping Ethiopia’s Poorest Girls get an Education

Although Ethiopia has made much progress in ensuring all children get an education, girls and disabled children still face huge barriers, particularly those in the very remote areas. Girls in particular face considerable barriers to achieving their potential. Many still have very poor attendance at primary school, so they perform badly in their exams and are unable to progress to secondary school. At secondary level, the language of teaching switches to English which is problematic as many children do not speak the language and the teachers themselves have poor English.

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Supporting Street and Working Children in India

Just over a quarter of India’s 440 million children are working on the streets. The common understanding of the term ‘street children’ is that a child is without parental care. Many children who live and work on the streets of India have run away from dysfunctional families where there are problems of domestic violence, substance-abuse and poverty. However, many more are still with their families.

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Rebuilding the Lives of Street Children in Kenya

In Kenya, working and street connected children are unfairly targeted by police, victim to illegal clean ups, and unjustly sentenced to prisons. Many street children in Mombasa become addicted to glue, using it to take away hunger pangs and stomach rotten food. ChildHope supports outreach activities and alternative education so these children have opportunities at better lives.

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Partnership with ChildHope

Partnership is at the heart of our approach. Our partners are entrepreneurs and innovators, activists and facilitators who understand the context of the children’s lives. They share our commitment to working alongside children to bring about changes to their lives.

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